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Give your eyewear wardrobe a refresh with these new arrivals.

Light as a Feather

Stylish and comfortable frames made with our lightest materials.

Style Shops

Unique shops curated by top influencers with your style in mind.

Anti-reflective lenses

Choose anti-reflective lenses to reduce unwanted glares and reflections, and help you see clearly by eliminating those starburst effects.


Two lenses in one: darkens when exposed to sunlight and fades back to clear, so you don’t need to change from eyeglasses to sunglasses and back.

Blue light lenses

Choose prescription lenses with added blue light treatment to reduce exposure to blue light from digital screens and ease your eyes.

Prescription sun

Protect your eyes from the sun, without compromising on your vision needs. Choose prescription sun lenses on any frame.

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How to clean my eyeglasses?

How do I measure eyeglasses or sunglasses?

What are your lenses made of?

What are Transitions® lenses?

What is AR (Anti-Reflective) lens treatment?

What are progressive lenses?

How do you prevent your glasses from fogging up?

Two years into the pandemic, there’s one thing that still puzzles millions of eyeglass wearers: How to put an end to mask-induced foggy glasses once and for all.

The answer may depend on the glasses, the mask, or both.

Here are a handful of things you can try to reduce the fog on your lenses — or even get rid of it altogether:

  1. Wash your lenses with soapy water
  2. Seal the mask around the edges
  3. Make sure the mask fits well
  4. Adjust your glasses
  5. Use de-fogging products
  6. Try to breathe downward
  7. Use anti-fog lenses